The Slaying Stone

Sixty years ago, before The Ruining, Faeuren stood strong. However, during these times there were still several evils for the great cities of the west to overcome. Unlike the continent of Khoavaire to the east, Faeuren was infested with scores of monstrous humanoids, such as the powerful orcs and cunning goblins. A band of enchanters known as the Architects banded together and used their combined knowledge to create nine Slaying Stones. When holding the slaying stone, if you spoke the name of another their heart would be violently ripped form their chest and they would be dead within seconds. The nine stones never made it out of their home in Kiris Moran, lost during an invasion from the orc tribe known as the Severed Eyes.

Twenty years later, a relatively unknown wizard by the name of Zalrian Fenfar sent out a group to attempt to recover one of the stones from the ruined city now known as Gorzzibad. He sent a group of mercenaries, entailing the help of a halfling sorcerer by the name of Casey, a (seemingly) human adventurer named Jean-Loche, and a strange plant woman who identified herself as “Everdeen”. Unknown to the group, he also sent one of his students from the Astral Academy, a school for young wizards, named Will. Will spent what little money he had hiring the bard Bardita, who had offered herself as a bodyguard for the young student.

The mercenary band arrived first, during a terrible storm in the night. They were attacked by wolves, Jean-Loche being injured during the ensuing battle, and found refuge in an old wooden tower near the bridge to Gorzzibad. Inside lived an old woman who fed them and gave them a place to stay for the night. She pressed the group, and discovered they were hired to find the Slaying Stone. She told them that the magic was to powerful for one person to control, and asked them to bring it back to her so that she may destroy it instead of the group selling it to their employer. Undecided, they left the tower in the morning with full stomachs and began their search for the stone. Gorzzibad was patrolled by groups of goblins, although not efficiently, and it was fairly easy to wade across a river with a fairly strong current towards what could be described as the “slum” area. Casey and Everdeen made it across, but Jean Loche was swept up in the tide, washing up on a patch of farmland about a mile away from his companions.

Everdeen and Casey pressed on into the slums, and discovered a kobold (tiny, reptilian humanoids) patrolling the street with two dog-golems (mechanical protectors) at his side. Casey attempted to sneak up on the kobold, but was heard and a battle raged. The Kobold had created an oil that attracted ankhegs, a burrowing, furry bat-monster. Casey was hit with the oil and dragged around by an ankheg, struggling to both fight and break free of the monsters grip. Everdeen battled the two defenders and the kobold, and looked to be losing. However, eventually Jean-Loche discovered the group in battle and rejoined his allies, knocking the kobold unconscious which in turn rendered the golems inactive and useless.

Casey lay unconscious and seemingly dead, but the two pressed on. Everdeen binded the kobold in vines and slapped him awake, and began to question him. His name was Speelock and he knew nothing of the Slaying Stone, but knew where a powerful (for a goblin) wizard way living in Gorzzibad, guessing if anyone had it he would. Everdeen insisted he lead them to the goblin, and they prepared for a fight with something nobody wants to go up against.

A wizard.



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