Will Caron

Incompetent Student Mage


Wizard who has yet to find a focus for a school of magic, fights with a simple staff and a wide variety of spells, not focusing on just one school.


Will’s life began on the outskirts of Sharn, his family relatively successful alchemists and enchanters, employed by the nobles of Sharn, they grew to recognition during the rebuilding after the invasion. But it was no surprise, very practical magics were taught through the generations of the Carons. However Will was always different than his cousins and siblings. While they studied and made their beds glow, Will was summoning fires and other elemental blasts in the woods. His parents always thought it was a phase, but after his fourth accidental forest fire (in the year) of his 13th birthday. His parents began to suspect.
They started to send him to alchemy schools, enchanting camps. The time spent with his friends was cutting shorter and shorter. Which wasn’t entirely bad, in a world full of practical magics, the summoner was a rare breed, and the other young magic users weren’t tolerant of their practitioners.
By his eighteenth birthday, he was down to one true friend, the girl named Saleena. An enchantress in every meaning of the word, she understood him and his beautiful form of magic. But Will’s own brother Taron, was the epitome of scrutiny when it came to the “wild” magic that Will practiced. The taunting would begin each and every time Will returned from his latest camp or summit, and it wouldn’t end until he had left. It came to a critical point the day that Will was attempting a spell to make it snow for Saleena, he had pieced the spell himself through bits of knowledge he had picked up from travelers and students at his schools, but his spell was thrown off, it instead froze part of Saleena’s body, the spell was nowhere near fatal, but it caused enough damage that it guaranteed Taron enough evidence to have Will be labeled a danger, and the evidence was on his side.
Will had enough though, he was full of bitter emotions, and it came to the night when raised voices and thunder claps were heard from the Caron household. Will told his parents he would go and be a master of the elements, and in turn they told him he could expect no shelter from them, financial or otherwise. That was the night that Will left his home, and the next day he enrolled in the Astral Academy.
His first semester their was rough on the boy, his knowledge was limited and broken at best, at worst it was completely absent, or dangerous. Will had trouble paying for the classes he was failing, until a teacher decided to have pity on the boy. Seeing something in him, the mentor, and prehaps the White Council itself decided he could be trusted with to retrieve the slaying stone from Faerun. They drafted a body guard from their trusted rosters, and sent will off, promising to absolve him of any past or future debts to the academy.

This was Will’s shot, his chance to prove everyone wrong.

Will Caron

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