• Bardita


    Mercenary Bard Shifter
  • Breland, King of Brey

    Breland, King of Brey

    King of the kingdom of Brey, survived an attempted murder.
  • Casey (The Punisher)

    Casey (The Punisher)

    Halfling Sorccerer, quiet and reserved.
  • Catnyiss Everdeen

    Catnyiss Everdeen

    Wilden with a mysterious past, controls the spirit of a bear
  • Emily


    Childhood friend of Will's.
  • Jean-Loch Gauntlette

    Jean-Loch Gauntlette

    Gensai Swordmage, skilled with both the spell and blade, stoic and honorable.
  • Kiris Hoyat

    Kiris Hoyat

    Broad shouldered, handsome nobleman. Also a werewolf.
  • Kriv III Of the Angryborn

    Kriv III Of the Angryborn

    Quick tempered Dragonborn, Heir to the Kriv Fortune
  • Mazikeen The Red

    Mazikeen The Red

    Pale, Dark Haired human clad in the holy plate armor of Bahamaunt. Fights with a radiant broadsword and works as a Templar for King Brey.
  • Null (Linkin Park)

    Null (Linkin Park)

    Warforged with a soul, has a mysterious past.
  • Oswald Sveth'Ven IV

    Oswald Sveth'Ven IV

    Tiny gnome, works for Prince Taylin.
  • Sirinthas Taylin

    Sirinthas Taylin

    Prince of one of the eight Feyspires, ambassador for the Eladrin Nobles to Neverwinter.
  • Void


    A slender, magically enhanced warforged. Fights with magical ranged attacks
  • Will Caron

    Will Caron

    Incompetent Student Mage
  • Zaliron


    Professor at the Astral Academy, skilled wizard.